Biochemistry roots

In the mid ‘80s three Biochemistry students at the Brewery school in Ghent are thoroughly studying the beer brewing process. While they develop a real passion for this subject at school they practice the art of savouring beer even more after school.

Who could have guessed that approximately 25 years later they would be working together again on the development of their own beer.

Foundation Brewery Half Zeven

It’s a well known fact to every beer lover that we are all genetically loaded with our love for beer : in the Dark Ages it were only the beer drinkers who survived thanks to the cooking that takes place during the brewing process which killed all pathogenic bacteria…

Since we are all “offspring” of these people who survived thanks to drinking beer, who could think of a better excuse for loving beer?

De garage wordt al snel te klein, waardoor de brouwers samenwerking zoeken met  De Proefbrouwerij in Hyfte. Daar wordt het bier nog altijd onder deskundige leiding van Dirk Naudts verder op grote schaal geproduceerd, naar recept van Half Zeven.


The name “Orvelo” refers to “Le Vélo d’Or” – cycling, a sport that our brewers love as much as they love beer. Orvelo is a beer to share so we’ ve chosen to produce big bottles only.

During many of our beer tasting events we experienced that wineglasses are perfectly fit to serve Orvélo. The empty bottles are environmentally friendly : ready to go into the recycling system using glass containers.