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All our beers undergo refermentation in the bottle. By doing so, we create a living beer with evolution in taste!
Orvélo comes exclusively in 75 cl bottles, so enjoy the sharing experience with friends and family. It goes without saying that our unique Orvélo glass suits the beer the best.
We only use hops of Belgian origin. Firmly hopped, our beers contain natural antioxidants and are low in alcohol. An ideal refreshment!
The brewery collaborates with De Proefbrouwerij in Hijfte, Flanders. Our brewers still produce according to the original recipe that we are proud of.

Our beers

Four qualitative specialty beers
Orvélo Tripel
A classic top fermented tripel beer that suprises with a floral head. The first sip is refreshing, shortly followed by complex flavours of rotisserie & mediterranean spices that supply the antioxidants. All ending in a nice bitterness that lasts long in your mouth. Brewed with three distinct grains: malted barley, malted wheat and oats.
Orvélo Drome
A high fermentation brown ale beer with hints of ripe fruit. The delicate combination of roasted malt and hops ends in notes of chocolate and coffee.
Orvélo Wijß
A traditional Hefeweizen, brewed according to the ancient German Reinheitsgebot. Refermented in the bottle, the Orvélo Wijss contains only water, malted barley & wheat, hops and yeast. The result? A touch of citrus in the head, refreshing sour body and a mild bitter finish.
Orvélo Sprint
Orvélo Sprint is a Wild Dry Ale. The main characteristics of our ten-year anniversary special? Dryhopping and the Brettanomyces-refermentation in the bottle. This wild yeast, or “brett” as it’s known in the industry, absorbs the remaining sugars in the fermentation process to optimize the final flavor.

Foundation Brewery Half Zeven

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Authentic Belgian craftsmanship

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Our choice for big bottles suits the sharing concept